Can You Kiss Your Girlfriend During Ramadan?

Can You Kiss Your Girlfriend During Ramadan_

It is not allowed in Islam whether during Ramadan or outside Ramadan. You have dragged Ramadan unnecessarily. Rather, you want to listen to something else. Kiss or Sex without marriage is severely prohibited in Islam. It is a crime against society. And In Clear words, it’s a haram act in Islam As well as a big sin. 

Does Kissing Break Your Fast?

Does Kissing Break Your Fast_

Okay, this is a bit different. Islam says it’s okay to kiss your wife while fasting. It’s even seen as a good thing. But, if you’re worried a kiss might lead to more, it’s probably best to hold off. Breaking your fast that way has some big consequences.

Kissing during Fasting Hadith

Kissing during Fasting Hadith

Narrated `Aisha:

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to kiss and embrace (his wives) while he was fasting, and he had more power to control his desires than any of you. Said Jabir, “The person who gets discharged after casting a look (on his wife) should complete his fast.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 1927) 

Can We Touch Private Parts During Fasting?

Can We Touch Private Parts During Fasting_

Better not to. The whole point of fasting is to control yourself.  It’s easy for things to get out of hand.

Can You Get Married During Ramadan?

can you get married during Ramadan_

Yes, definitely! But you might want to wait until after fasting hours for the big celebration. It’s not okay to have sex during the day while you’re fasting.

Can You Hug During Ramadan?

Can You Hug During Ramadan_

Sure. The Prophet did that too, even while fasting. Just be careful, like with kissing. It shouldn’t lead to anything that breaks your fast.


Ramadan is a special time. It’s about focus and self-control.  You can still be loving towards your wife, but be extra mindful. The Prophet showed us it’s about finding a balance. Also, read hadith about fasting, does gum break a fast, and the dua of forgiveness in Ramadan.

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